Zoom – Yoga Meditation Online

Zoom – Yoga Meditation Online

Online Guided Yoga Meditation – 2021 Update

Sahaja Yoga Meditation UK meetings remain online to reflect our commitment to the

benevolence and wellbeing of our participants.

We invite you to look around the website & read some of our in-depth articles.

You are also encouraged to learn meditation via one of our online platforms.

We will post various online options to allow you to Achieve Yoga & enter into the meditative state of ‘thoughtless awareness’.

Below are several online options:

Monday 7.30pm – Online Zoom Meditation Class –



Tuesday 7.30pm – Online Zoom Meditation Class –



Wednesday 7.00-8.00pm- Online Microsoft Teams Meditation Class –

Wednesday 7pm – Microsoft Teams Meeting


Thursday 7.30pm – Online You Tube Meditation Class – Code 1008



Friday 8.00pm – Online Zoom Meditation Class – 



We also invite you to join our half an hour live guided meditations.
Join us every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday



Weekday 7.00pm  – Special half an hour live guided meditations.@ 7pm

Join us every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday @7pm




Want to experience it now

– Experience Self Realisation now – Guided Meditation

Online Meditations:


will be streaming live daily meditation sessions from 7pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays



We normally sit on chairs to achieve yoga and enter a state of ‘thoughtless awareness’ – no special clothing or mat required.

YOGA is a state that can be achieved spontaneously in an effortless way.

Once yoga is achieved a state of mental silence can be experienced.

In Yoga, one can enter a state of ‘thoughtless awareness’ often referred to as ‘being in’ meditation or Nirvichara Samadhi.

If you are in lockdown – you can choose to free yourself from within.

Sahaja Yoga classes are always free both Online & Offline.