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Why Meditate? – 10 important aspects to Meditation in London


It’s easy.

You don’t have to spend years living in the mountains to achieve enlightenment. You don’t have to give up anything or spend weeks in silence. You don’t have to learn mantras or wear special clothes or even try to clear your mind. With Sahaja Yoga Meditation we generally sit on chairs to achieve Yoga, effortlessly & spontaneously. As such no exercises (Asanas) are required, nor Mat or special clothing. The meditation simply happens spontaneously. The classes are easy and fun, and as long as you keep up your daily ten minutes of meditation you find you are able to achieve a deep and peaceful meditation on a regular basis.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation takes you into the state of  ‘thoughtless awareness’.

True meditation is a state of deep peace where the mind is absolutely calm and silent, yet completely alert – a state of being known as ‘thoughtless awareness’. Throughout history, mystics, saints and prophets have spoken of this experience. They removed themselves from society, sought ways to cleanse themselves of human troubles and devoted their lives to achieving their spiritual ascent. Their aim was to achieve ‘self realisation’ – a state of being where the human spirit becomes one with the Divine, where fear and anger are replaced with joy, contentment, inner balance and peace.

Sahaja Yoga meditation delivers – ‘mental silence’, to meditators across London.

Through Sahaja Yoga, the experience of ‘mental silence’ is now possible for every human being, effortlessly. Meditation helps you evolve. Meditation raises resistance to stress. More meditation, less conflict. Pop along to one of the Free Meditation London classes

Sahaja Yoga is the simplest way to obtain natural wellbeing.

Even after the  first experience of Sahaja Yoga, you can begin to experience a widespread feeling of relaxation and peace; and after a few moments of practice you can begin to establish a continuous state of wellbeing and serenity. Meditation in London is not only possible, it is exceptional. 

Sahaja Yoga is free 

Shri Mataji - Free Sahaja Yoga Meditation Classes

Shri Mataji – Free Sahaja Yoga Meditation Classes

There is never any charge for Sahaja Yoga instruction or for receiving one’s self realisation which is the birthright of every human being. This philosophy of Sahaja Yoga is based on the fact that it is not possible to pay for what already exists inside us and merely needs to be awakened. We can pay for renting a room, for printing material, but what can we pay for awakening our own true nature? So you can learn to Meditate in London for free at one of the many Free Meditation London classes

Sahaja Yoga is a method of spontaneous meditation

Everything happens in a spontaneous way inside you, just like a plant naturally grows from a seed. Meditation is a state of being in which we are in thoughtless awareness: perfectly aware and alert, but free from thoughts. This state of peace of mind can be reached thanks to the Sahaja Yoga method in a simple and natural way.  It is not necessary to take difficult physical positions, or abandon our daily life or to read complicated philosophical studies. Being able to Meditate in London is now a daily reality for many. 

Sahaja Yoga helps you to make your life more joyful

As you begin to meditate, spontaneously, tensions accumulated in daily life are released. As our inner state re-balances, we may feel a renewed energy for life.   Innate virtues and inner qualities may become nourished. These experiences of enhanced  self knowledge allow us to understand ourselves more clearly. As we become clearer, we may  also gain a better understanding of the plight of others and thereby naturally become  more compassionate and patient. Many meditate in London together to benefit from the collective effect of doing it in a wider community. 

Sahaja Yoga helps you face and dissolve anger, fear, guilt  and worry.

Many of us may have accumulated unhelpful emotions like anger, fear, guilt and worry, which can hamper our enjoyment of life here in London.  It can be difficult to shake off these unhelpful feelings which can ‘hold us down”. Sahaja Yoga equips us to gradually attend on these states of being, aiding us in our daily journey, to dissolve and  release these  built up inner conditions. As more and more discover how easy it can be to meditate in London, it has a collective positive effect on everyone.

Sahaja Yoga allows you to acquire a deep knowledge of yourself.

Sahaja Yoga allows you to obtain a pure knowledge of the self, not veiled by deluding ideals and false conditionings. The idea is that we get to live in a clearer reality, rather then the worldview created by the ego. Inner beauty should blossom just like a flower manifesting all its fragrance,  hopefully leading to a state where we are all in better harmony with ourselves and the world. Learn to Meditate in London and tap into your own own serenity, balance and silence.


Meditation in the Park - Free Sahaja Yoga Meditation Classes

Meditation in the Park

London is a great City to practice meditation in

If you are already living in London, the only place you need to retreat to is that place of mental silence within yourself, no need to travel any further then the Sahasrara Chakra at the crown of the head.

We wish you a fruitful journey in the exploration of your inner self!

There are around 16 weekly meetings across London. Free London Meditation Meetings

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