Benefits of Meditation for me personally

Benefits of Meditation for me personally

Benefits of Meditation for me personally

Free Meditation - Benefits of Meditation

Free Meditation – Benefits of Meditation

All over the world individuals are experiencing the benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Each week free classes are run by volunteers. Below we have gathered together a few comments left on the Free Index Review Web Site which might be useful in helping answer a question you may have or provide insight on the free weekly classes. We hope it is useful.


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David Vignol: Beckenham

Sahaja Yoga helped me balancing my mind activity and reducing stress. And that´s what I need after a busy day in front of my computer.

Farnaz B: Southwark

For a free yoga class, this is really amazing. You learn a yoga method to take home, and can come back at any time for support/a fresher, there’s no commitment.

Gianni Rossi: London

It is a weekly free event and the organizers were lovely. After the meditation I experienced a very positive state that lasted the whole week.

Rebecca Kennet: Cirencester

I went to the Sahaja Yoga meeting at Covent Garden after a friend recommended it to me. I didn’t really know what to expect as I haven’t done meditation before, but I was pleasantly surprised by the meditation experience and the people I met there.

The meditation process is straightforward but also rather intimate (we were guided through the meditation by a sahaja yoga practitioner who asks us to reflect on ourselves). I was stunned when I could feel my kundalini as a ‘cool breeze’ coming from my head! After the meditation I felt calm, peaceful and really rather happy. It has lifted my spirits throughout this week. I plan to return to the next session!

Karen S: Sydenham

No need to buy books about spirituality anymore – this course offers me all the knowledge I want and it is for free! I love going there, the meditations are very relaxing and the people inspiring and friendly.  Since I began meditating at home I have been feeling some remarkable changes in my day to day life; improved sleep, less stress and a general feeling of contentment. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Preeti B. Vasthava: Solihull

I am glad that I have found something genuine after years of going to different yoga groups and meditation classes. I could sense the sincerity and truthfulness on the very first day. Very friendly people. For beginners like me with no previous experience, the technique of meditation shown was very simple and effortless to follow. The good thing is that I am able to meditate at home or anywhere without any assistance. Sahaja yoga meditation has made a difference in my day to day life in a very subtle way, and that’s why I would recommend it to every one who is genuinely seeking peace, balance and joy in life. A heartfelt thank you to all the members running these meditation sessions.

Nick Dortz: Willesden

I have attended several meetings at this small and cosy Covent Garden venue and the atmosphere is always wonderfully inviting. The evening is composed of a short introductory talk and then a series of silent and powerful meditations interspersed with a video.

The whole evening is beautifully relaxed and at the end of the program you leave the hall with a sense of peace and well-being that I’ve never felt anywhere else. Highly recommended as a means of unwinding from a stressed week or discovering more about your spiritual side.

Shrikant: Wimbeldon

I work in Waterloo and have crossed the river many times to have a walk through Covent Garden market to relieve the stresses of work. One of my colleagues mentioned this nice little meeting during the week that focuses on stress relief.

I have always thought meditation was for mystics, but having been through this easy exercise, I could feel an immediate effect on myself – a calming of my system, explained to me by the moderator as thoughtlessness. I had the experience that I was first talked through – and did feel the “vibrations” after all through my inner being, leaving me on a high that left no hangover. It was indeed a wonderful experience that I have since gone to every week and would ask anyone else interested to surely try out.

Binanti Samanta: Watford

I discovered Sahaja Yoga quite by chance when I was looking to try a meditation class and I’m so pleased that I gave it a go! If you are looking for peace and relaxation then I would strongly recommend trying Sahaja Yoga. Since I have been attending regular classes I’ve experienced such a deep feeling of calm that has had a very empowering and transforming effect on every aspect of my life. And best of all it’s completely free and easy to learn! There are many more experienced ‘yogis’ at every class who are always very helpful and eager to answer your questions. After you get over the initial novelty it feels very natural. Now I look forward to the class each week!

Natalie Singh: Harrow

The meditation was a wonderful experience for me, as when I went for the first time I knew nothing about meditation. The people running the meeting were friendly and helpful, answering any questions I had. The meditation itself was relaxing yet energising at the same time. Altogether the meeting was enjoyable and informative and I would certainly recommend trying the meditation. Ten out of ten!

Kate C: Walthamstow

I was looking for meditation, not yoga specifically, and I managed to achieve a thoughtless state at my first meeting. The people were very friendly and made me feel welcome, it didn’t matter that I had no experience of meditation before. I will definitely return to the meeting and find out about other meetings going on across London as they are all free of charge and you can just turn up and join in. The meditative feeling stayed with me for some time afterwards and I understand that I have to meditate regularly and keep my Kundalini awakened to maintain it. So simple and accessible to everyone, I strongly recommend it, please try!

Paresh Kiri: Barnet

My first visit was greeted by the warmth of the orator who somehow knew that this was my first experience. I had many questions at the end – and the without waffling on as some can – I was asked to continue my meditation so that my questions could be answered correctly. Not by some Guru but something far more conducive to my well being. I would recommend this meeting to young and old alike, to those who have sought indulgences that can not be satiated, for this will satisfy your inner core.

Sia Reddy: Maidenhead

Lovely meeting, lovely people. Thank you, had a great experience! Sia.

Mr Manitu Szerman: Beckenham

I had a wonderful experience. I felt a pleasant sense of peace while being taken through a guided meditation and I thoroughly enjoyed the explanation of what the true sense of yoga meant. I will definitely be returning to further sessions.  Thank you. Regards. M. Szerman.

Jeremy Clancy: Streatham

Not very many things are free in this world! And the stuff that is free is usually a waste of space… So when you find something that doesn’t cost anything whilst being absolutely life changing – it makes you happy, doesn’t it? Anyway, not to sound too OTT but that’s genuinely what I discovered at the meditation meetings in Covent Garden. Over the last few months I have managed to find by attending the classes there that I can choose to think when I want to and not all the time (like I used to) – not only that but I feel really happy too – and that is invaluable!!

Gautama Payment: Battersea

Learning to meditate in a group environment is a deep and nourishing experience, and extremely relaxing. Instruction is free and clear, and take-away material is also provided to support you back at home throughout the week. The staff are also knowledgable and experienced, and were able to answer my questions. I’m really happy with the experience and will be going regularly. Thanks!

Michelle Vatin: Barnes

Despite a stressful day, I felt calm and refreshed after the programme which followed the format of a short introduction, a guided meditation, viewing a lecture, a workshop and the all important tea, biscuits and socialising. Reading materials and volunteers were readily available to provide information and I very much look forwarding to returning for more. There were no hidden costs, the meetings are truly free. I found the method easy to follow and would recommend this wonderful experience to everyone.

Pasquale:  London:

It’s amazing after a day’s work how light and joyful it makes you feel. This meditation has great energy and a powerful force!

Justin Tiptaft: Walton-on-Thames

Initially Sahaja Yoga meditation appeared to be a gentle process helping me to achieve a greater state of peace and quiet than I have been able to. This was already a good thing. However when I attend these meetings I often feel a deep sense of joy too. I had not heard of Sahaja Yoga meditation before I tried it out and i’m surprised, given that it is such a useful method in aiding balance in my life for not much input. I’m impressed that there is no charge – rightly so – because Sahaja Yoga, more than anything helps us to become more ‘tuned in’ to our own spiritual make-up. That’s obviously why I gave it 5 stars for value for money.

Samantha Grant: Basingstoke

I came away feeling very relaxed, balanced, happy and at peace. I will certainly carry on attending the programmes to learn more about the kundalini energy and the chakra system. It’s something that I need in my life and I’ll definintely encourage my friends and family to go and have this experience and practice this meditation for their wellbeing.

Mrs Lal: Hounslow

I had been to the Sahaja Yoga Ideal Home Show stall a couple of years ago and somehow made myself forget the beautiful experience I had there, feeling my own energy… A state that I enjoyed for a few days after that! Bumped into the Covent Garden meeting in August and lo, I achieved that state of joy and peace yet again.. But this time, I am hooked and have been regularly going since and enjoying some quality me-time! And its free too, as they advertise it to be! Highly recommended!

J. J. Flint: Clapham

Given that the experience of Sahaj meditation was free, I felt I could really go there with an open mind and not have to worry about getting my moneys worth. I was able to go into deep meditation and really experience what they were talking about which for me was a first and truly exceptional. Given that it is an experience, it is difficult to describe how amazing it was as it is different for everyone. It is something I highly recommend for anyone who considers themselves true seekers. This is what I have been searching for, the truth!

Sean Kelly: Ventnor

This is an amazing experience. If one is looking for a real alternative to the mundane in life the meeting here offers a tremendous opportunity for real self-development. It is very difficult to put into words how remarkable this phenomenon effects one’s life as it appears so ordinary and one may underestimate its value to life changing possibilities just because it is available free of charge.

Emma Turley: Edinburgh

Very simple approach. No money required to participate in this class, Open and welcoming. Catering for all types of people. Informal, though proper sense of respect of personal space and professional distance. First experience, was gentle, calming and surprisingly refreshing, as if the batteries had some how been renewed!

Kay McHugh: Finchley

As you can see from my star rating the value for money is tops as these sessions are always completely free. Because of this, the care and attention of the people there seem completely genuine. I go with all my daily woes heavy on my shoulders and after the meditation, leave feeling completely rejuvenated. It’s subtle but effective. The more I go the longer the effect lasts. Nothing to lose by trying.

Mitesh Gandhi: St Neots

People think that to get away from the stresses and strains of life one must travel far away from the hustle and bustle of London life. Surprisingly, the opposite is true. I found this peace of HEAVON in the heart of central London. In fact the techniques taught at this yoga class meant I could meditate anywhere and experience such peace and calmness. Best of all, it is free and the teachers were so warm and open hearted.

 Paul Anant: Streatham

I popped into this meeting the other day as I was curious about meditation and felt I needed something to help me relax in my life. I was pleasantly surprised by the warm, friendly peaceful atmosphere. It did feel really relaxing in there despite being right in the centre of London. The meeting was Ok. It was hard for me to really enjoy it as I am not used to sitting in one place like that for so long. Also meditation and this kind of philosophy is not really something I am used to however when I left the meeting I felt a real sense of balance, peace and a kind of feeling of being more integrated and comfortable in my self. It was really, really nice and continued into the next day. I will definitely go back and try it again and also recommend it to anyone who might be interested in this kind of thing. The people running the place where pretty friendly but not intimidating, also the whole thing was free of charge. Not sure how they do that but they ensure me that I can come as much as I want and it’s always free!

Prof Katya Rubia: Dulwich

I have attended these meetings for the first time many years ago and have since been a regular. Sahaja Yoga meditation is unique in that it teaches you how to still your thoughts, leading to the state of mental silence. This goes back to the original eastern concept of Meditation which is the complete cessation of thoughts, leading to a different and higher state of consciousness. Unfortunately, in the West, meditation is often confounded with relaxation. Research has shown that only the state of mental silence is associated with physical and mental health benefits, while simple relaxation or other Meditation techniques that do not lead to this higher state of thoughtless awareness, are not. To my knowledge there is no other meditation technique that directly teaches you how to achieve this state of mental silence in such a simple and effective way and I can therefore highly recommend this Meditation.

Emily Mitchell: Lewisham

I have attended this meditation class for a few weeks, and on the advice of the practitioners I have also been trying the meditation at home. The benefits have been more than I could have imagined, and it feels as though I have been given a new understanding of myself and the world around me. I feel very peaceful and joyful after practicing the meditation, and am starting to learn how to use this energy to help me in different situations.

This is what I have been looking for, as I had a strong feeling of wanting to be more balanced. I have tried lots of other things that were supposed to help with confidence that didn’t really work, but I can really feel the difference with sahaja yoga, and I love that it is my own indvidual feeling, not just a blanket method. I know I will be sticking with it.

Steve Williams: Southwark

Learning to meditate at this meeting, helping you to slow down the thoughts and feeling more peace and satisfaction. At the end of the meeting you can feel the difference, definitely more relaxed.

Dunya M: Forrest Hill

When I was a MA student at the Central St Martin’s school of art, the Wednesday Sahaja Yoga meeting was my favourite relaxation go to place. It always amazed me how much tranquillity and deep sense of peace I came away with, Everytime! no matter what state of mind I went into the hall with.. So it really really does work!

Helen Miller: Twickenham

Since attending the Sahaja Yoga meditation class in Covent Garden, I have experienced much more than I ever expected and hoped for. I was looking for a way to stop the thoughts taking up free rent in my head. What I didn’t expect, was the sense of joy I now experience as a result of meditating. You are taught simple techniques to use everyday and by using these techniques, I have noticed improvements with my energy levels as well as a sense of balance and joy from within that words cannot explain. Those that run the class are really friendly and on hand to answer any questions you may have. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend this class.

Andrew Low: Harrow

Sahaja Yoga Meditation has truly been a lifeline for me over the years. I attend the local weekly meetings whenever I can, especially the Harrow one which is the nearest for me, and I am very grateful for these. What is more Sahaja Yoga is free, and there is no charge for the meetings.

Achieve Yoga & Meditation - Get into Balance

Achieve Yoga & Meditation – Get into Balance


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