How Meditation helps with Stress & Anxiety

Benefits of Meditation 

Whilst modern medicine has no doubt made many advances, sometimes we may feel left alone in handling what life throws at us.

Stress and anxiety are two experiences which we often feel we could do better without. Most medical practioners recognise that stress & anxiety contribute to ill health and disease, yet views differ about how best to cope with these conditions.

Yin Yang - How Meditation helps with Stress & Anxiety

Stress reduction has been shown in many researches to be beneficial to general well being, as it improves physical and psychological health and lifestyle awareness.

We also have Free Weekly Online Zoom Meditation Meetings

Stress comes in many forms and can be seen as anything that produces the emotional and mental pressure that leads to worry, anxiety, fear, anger, apprehensions, even over-excitements to which our body responds in a quick and inefficient way.

According to medical researches over 90% of 21st century illnesses can be traced back to psycho-somatic forces, over 95% of headaches are caused by stress along with many other physical ailments like acidity, indigestion, and even heart attacks. Did you know the highest moment for heart attacks is early Monday morning, after a relaxng weekend the bodies stress levels escalate when facing the start of a new work week.

Many people have found that  a simple stress management technique like meditation may help you gain relief.

Those who try Sahaja Yoga Meditation  may feel some measure of relaxation, relief or calmness almost immediately. Watch the news report below to hear more in depth findings.

Each week across London many people experience a unique actualisation at one of the many free Sahaja Yoga meditation classes on offer.

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We also have Free Weekly Online Zoom Meditation Meetings

In Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes, you are given all the knowledge for your self-healing; as you come to  know everything about your energetic system and your energetic centres (chakras in sanskrit) and as you are able to detect the state of them at any moment, you will be able to correct yourself and become your own master. This happens in a natural way, because all the energetic centres are reflected on your hands and other parts of you body as well and after you experience your Self Realisation you will be able to concretely feel the state of your chakras on your finger tips.

When you know that they are not in good state, you will immediately know what to do to correct them and bring them to balance. Many researches have been led with the purpose to try and show the beneficial effects of Sahaja Yoga meditation on health; here we report an interesting testimonial of   Dr Ramesh Manocha, a practising medico and researcher at the School of Women’s and Children’s Health, University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia.

Occasionally we hold Special One Day Retreats to help those interested, deepen their individual experience and hear advice and tips from those who have been practicing for some time. It’s ultimately all about getting into ‘thoughtless awareness’, sometimes referred to as ‘mental silence’.

You are welcome to join us anytime in 2016 as we gather to achieve Yoga and enjoy thje state of meditation.

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