Meditation classes at Universities

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Life is full on at university and students can feel stressed with the pressures of doing a degree, living away from home for the first time and integrating into a new social scene. Also, for the teachers and staff it is a very demanding schedule.
Through practicing Sahaja Yoga Meditation, students, teachers and staff from all walks of life have been deriving benefits, irrespective of their religion, class or creed.
Sahaja Yoga Meditation has been helping students progress in their studies due to improvement in the feeling of being more centered, confident and contented.

“Calms me down and makes me feel centered. It seems to rub off on the people around me. There is more joy.” Simone

meditation-workshop“A new focus on the world and life. A new way to find relaxation and de-stress.” Ana

The weekly free classes have been held at Kings College University of London, Nottingham University, Warwick Universiy, Kingston University, Atlantic College University, Salford University, Essex University, Arts University College Bournemouth, Coventry University and Queen Marys’ University of London.

Attend a Free Sahaja Yoga Meditation weekly Meeting

Each week across London many people experience a unique actualisation at one of the many free meditation classes on offer. You can join a class in any of the following  Free Meetings across Greater London