Mother Earth becomes Musical in EC1

Mother Earth

Mother Earth

Music comes to London town – or more specifically Hoxton in East London which will be the place to be on Friday 27th April 2012 at around 8pm for the concert of the day, month or even decade as the  Bella Vita travelling troubadors will perform in England’s green and pleasant land.

Not too far from the Olympic site they will be igniting the evening air with vibration infused sounds set to stir the merry heart of  London’s Eastenders.

Ten days, nine concerts, seven countries and six bands;….

This is the Bella Vita tour which starts from Milan. It all began last Summer when various musicians at a International Sahaja Yoga seminar, decided that it could be cool to put together their various styles, add a little demonstration of yoga and hit the road with the message that ‘life is beautiful’ – “from there the idea just grew and grew” enthused Finbar Anslow, one of the tour organizers and founder of the band ‘Vilamba’ .

‘We now have an incredible mixture of styles, it’s like a travelling festival – apart from Vilamba who play a combination of Irish traditional and country rock there is also Yoann Freget, an extraordinarily talented young man who was voted the best French Gospel singer of 2011, Marie Joelle, whose angelic ballads are well known on Belgian tv, The Santa Cecilia’s, a soulful Norwegian folk duo and the incredible Shava from Helsinki famous in Northern Europe for their unique Finnish Bhangra, fast and rhythmic punjhabi dance music.

First appointment with the Bella Vita tour is on April 21st in Milan, the tour passes through Germany, Switzerland and France before arriving in London on April 27th where you can catch them at Motherlive

Mother Live (ex- 333 Basement club/Hoxton Cell) 333 Old Street, Hoxton EC1V 9LE

for more info: http://bellavitatour2012.info/    TIME 8pm – 11pm -ARRIVE early

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