London Mela – experience Self Realisation – it’s free!


London Mela – Sunday August 19th 2012 – Gunnersbury Park, W3 – W5

The London Mela is now in it’s tenth year and experienced volunteer Sahaja Yogi’s will be there again offering a retreat from all the exciting hub-bub and bustle ……. a place where you can sit for a few moments and enter into one of the most elusive states known to man…the state of thoughtless awareness! – We’ll be doing all this in a  6 by 6 metre space.

Thoughtless awareness is a description of the state one achieves when the awakened kundalini elevates the human attention into the turiya state …otherwise known in common language as meditation. This is a state beyond mind, thinking, worrying & anxiety. When the attention rests there it is not occupied or engaged by all the lower thinking states – come and try it out for yourself…..and of course, as always it is FREE as it cannot be payed for! Let’s hope for a sunny day too!

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