Detox for 29p

Detox for 29p

Footsoak 2013Detox for 29p

Have you ever wondered why you can leave for work in the morning full of the joys of spring and come back a shattered wreck?

It could be you’re working too hard.

Or, it could be that like a sponge, you’re daily unconsciously absorbing the ills of modern society and it’s this accumulation of proverbial grime that’s weighing you down, most noticeably at the end of your busy day.

On a daily basis we’re subject to a variety of atmospheric pollutants that includes traffic fumes, nicotine and even industrial effluents. Pshychologically and emotionally we’re riding a continuous gentle or steep rollercoaster  with our every human interaction and the kaleidoscope of our moods, ideas and aspirations.

This all manifests as stress and sooner or later it could very well show up as illness of some kind.

In sahaja yoga we have a very simple but effective way, beside the daily meditation, of counteracting all this.

This is called ‘footsoaking’ . It’s  a means of detoxing the whole body through the feet; a principle which reflexologists are familiar with. At a subtler level it does wonders for the lower three chakras in particular, which are the Mooladhara – which looks after excretory and reproductive functions, the Swadisthana – which looks after the spleen and liver and the Nabhi chakra, which looks after our digestive health.

Before you rush out to buy that footspa – which can set you back by £30 or more – hold on a minute! Footsoaking is not expensive therapy as most shops selling footspas might lead you to believe.

All you need is a washing up bowl that you can dedicate solely to the use of footsoaking, some salt and 2 minutes to watch the instructional video clip below.

And as for the 29p; that’s the cost of a large bottle of salt from Tesco.

How to footsoak  –  Sahaja Yoga Footsoaking Technique