Free Meditation and Yoga Class in East Sussex – BN27

Sahaja Yoga, a UK charity, followed world-wide, offers free meditation and stress management courses. Medical science is now proving that the relaxation of true meditation has measurable beneficial effects on all levels of our being.

Free weekly meetings every Tuesday, 7.30 – 9.00 pm, South View Community

Rooms, (above Citizens Advice Bureau) Western Road, Hailsham, BN27 3DN.

Contact: Nicholas Granby 07799 176901

Email: peaceawakens@gmail.com



Sahaja Yoga is the meditation practice that awakens the Spiritual energy in all of us and allows our “Yoga” (Union), to occur and helps one evolve. Sahaja means “Spontaneous/Born within”. With Sahaja Yoga Meditation we just sit quietly to achieve Yoga, effortlessly & spontaneously.

True meditation is a state of deep peace where the mind is absolutely calm and silent, yet completely alert. We are then able to bring balance into our lives, being neither too lethargic nor too active – too emotional nor too dry – living too much in the past, nor too much in the future – as well as overcoming addictions, physical problems etc.

All courses are free of charge – This philosophy of Sahaja Yoga is based on the fact that it is not possible to pay for what already exists inside us and merely needs to be awakened. We can pay for renting a room, for printing material, but what can we pay for awakening our own true nature?