Ideal Home Show 2016 – How to Switch Off your thoughts!

Ideal Home Show 2016 – How to Switch Off your thoughts!

Achieve Yoga Easily –

Britain is a country full of dungeons and dragons, castles and sheds, houses and homes, bungalow builders, caravans and campers. It’s a country that proclaims, ‘home is where the heart is!’ Yet what makes each home unique are the ones who switch the lights on each day, namely, us!

Free Meditation - Benefits of Meditation

Free Meditation – Benefits of Meditation

At this years Ideal Home Show in London, once again for the 7th year, on Stand B506, you can find a way to ‘switch the lights on internally, within yourself’ and achieve yoga, self realisation, and experience the silence of inner meditation!

What better way to step out of all the hustle and bustle and experience the timeless silence that dwells deep within – just pop along and join us for a well deserved ‘time-out’ and rejuvenate your inner self.

Of course, if you are into DIY in the home then you won’t be disappointed. Sahaja Yoga meditation is also a ‘Do it Yourself’ experience, one that encourages you to do a bit every day and feel the better for it.

How to Switch off Your thoughts = thoughtless awareness

How to Switch off Your thoughts = thoughtless awareness

Switching Thoughts Off

What’s exciting about Sahaja Yoga meditation is that it provides an easy mechanism to ‘Switch off your thoughts”, until you require them.

For example, when you park up at the supermarket to do the shopping, you don’t leave the car engine running. You switch it off knowing that when you come back you can pop the ignition key in and off you go. Yet so often in daily life we may find ourselves unable to park our thoughts, switch off the ‘mental engine’ and take a break. As you achieve yoga, your thoughts automatically calm and fall silent, providing a welcome break to the endless mental chatter of stress, worry, anxiety, planning, projecting and mental tension.

Each week hundreds of 21st century ‘Britons’ par-take of the opportunity to achieve yoga effortlessly and spontaneously at one of the many free meetings across the UK.  Ideally, you can try it out for 5-10 minutes or more – join us on stand B506, find a seat, sit down and enjoy. Sahaja Yoga is a charity organisation, all events are run by unpaid volunteers.

It’s Spontaneous

With Sahaja Yoga Meditation we generally sit on chairs to achieve Yoga, effortlessly & spontaneously. As such no Asanas (exercises) are required, no mat or special clothing. It is an ideal form of Yoga especially for those living in 21st century ideal homes.

Shri Mataji - Free Sahaja Yoga Meditation Classes

Shri Mataji – Free Sahaja Yoga Meditation Classes

So to maintain balance, serenity, joy and bliss and avoid stress, anger and upset, ideally you’ll find a way to prioritise your daily time clock and make some moments to have a daily appointment with your – inner self!

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is 100% organic, natural, pure and free. It cannot be paid for! 

Ideal Home Show 2016Olympia London, Hammersmith Rd,
London, W14 8UX.

March 18th – 3rd April 2016 (10.00am – 6.00pm) – Thursdays late opening.

Join us at one of the many Free Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes