Peaceful Meditation – Trafalgar Square – May 24th 2016

Peaceful Meditation

Stress, Tension,  Anxiety, Fear, Depression – Our project aims to overcome these feelings and raise the awareness, in both young and old, to the need to create and establish a peace within. What’s more, we provide everyone with a method of experiencing it through meditation achieved spontaneously.

The Day of Peaceful Meditation in London’s Trafalgar Square, will comprise numerous sessions on Peaceful Meditation and opportunities for anyone attending to achieve Yoga and experience Peaceful Meditation.

Spontaneous Self Realisation – Free

Our team which consists of volunteers from all over the UK and Europe will keep it organic, spontaneous, free and joyful.

If you want to sit, we’ll have some chairs, if you are comfortable standing, we can still help you experience this organic, living actualisation.

Pop along and join us during your lunch break and you don’t even need to sacrifice your wrap or bap – bring them along too! – It’s all free.

EVENT: Peaceful Meditation – Lunchtime Meditation & Self Realisation

DATE: Tue 24 May 2016      

TIME: Noon to 3pm     

PLACE: Trafalgar Square, London, SW1Y 5AY