Meditation Retreat – June 13th

Meditation Retreat – June 13th

Special One Day Retreats – designed to help you improve your meditation

The aim of the one day retreats is to provide those attending with the opportunity and knowledge to be able to take that next step in their spiritual evolution towards self mastery.

The hope is that through attending this programme, all will feel increased desire to meditate regularly at home and go deeper in their connection (yoga).

Who should attend ?

This One Day Sahaja Yoga Meditation Retreat is ideally for those who have already received their self realisation at a free weekly meeting, show or expo. Therefore, to get the most out of the day please attend a regular weekly programme – to receive your Self Realisation.

For free UK classes please v i s i t – Free Weekly Classes in London & around the UK

What to expect ?

The One Day retreats focus on the experience of meditation and thoughtless awareness through the use of:

• in depth, topic specific talks by Shri Mataji on an aspect of the subtle system,

• a deeper understanding of music as an aid to meditation, Bija mantras,

• using treatments and techniques to clear oneself of blockages & cleanse the chakras,

• feeling, decoding and working with vibrations (on yourself and others).

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Meditation is a state of profound deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent, yet completely alert.

‘Sahaja Yoga Meditation is simple, subtle and real’

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (founder of Sahaja Yoga)

Sahaja Yoga is always free


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