Music & Meditation – UK Tour reaches Belfast

Music & Meditation – UK Tour reaches Belfast

Music & Meditation in Belfast

Manifest the energy of the Spirit, awaken the Kundalini and tune our subtle system back into harmony:

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Heart of the Universe? UK TOUR MAP 2016

In the subtle language of the Chakras – the Heart is the seat of the Spirit, the Atma, the Eternal Spark within that animates us and without which – we would cease to be! So as we consider whether to be …or not to be ….the quest becomes – to know the Self .  But how to reach that silent witness within? For sure we need to reach within, quiten down, in order to hear and experience that which lies beyond words and thoughts, found in the state of ‘thoughtlerss awareness’. Silence the mind. Switch off the thoughts ….and ascend within, connect and achieve yoga.

Ring around the Heart – Yoga tour

In the Geography of the world – the UK represents the Heart. Stay tuned – you know how often days of the week, planets, colours, precious gems, musical notes are all associated with any given subtle chakra – so also there exists a subtle geography, a spiritual understanding – hence as William Blake echoes: And did those feet in ancient time, Walk upon Englands mountains green:…… it turns out that Great Britain is about something much more then Brexit.

Connecting the four chambers of the heart – England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales – maybe today not politically correct or fashionable  – yet possibly spiritually and eternally important somehow. Seeking the truth, pure knowledge, innocence, the spirit requires us to detach from worldly norms and mind-full conditioned views  – to consider everything from another vantage point – from the perspective of the heart, more importantly – Our Heart.

The tools most useful to embark on this exploration – a desire to experience, to find and experience – that which is to be experienced! With all the software already positioned within us from birth – we just need to trigger the switch, sprout the seed, get connected to the mains and then the “lights” come on. Illumination.

Open Your Heart – worth a try?

That’s what the Ring around the Heart Tour seeks to do this August & September to go here and there – to spontaneously reach out and come across whoever happens to be there – on any given day – to offer and share – the greatest heartiest possibility – to enliven, awaken & connect with that which resides in the heart – namely – the spirit.

Starting with a deep meditation at Stonehenge on Friday the 19th – the tour moves on and soon it’s Street Realisation events in Wales, Music & Meditation events in Dublin & Belfast, boats across the sea to Scotland with programmes in Stirling, Glasgow & Edinburgh, before moving back towards the equator for events in Newcastle and Sheffield.

Make an Appointment – with yourself

Below are links to all the events – so if you are in town, or we happen to be in your town – make some time to have an appointment with yourself, your spirit and eternity too – of course all the events are free – as how can you pay for what already lies within?

Music & Meditation

Meditation and music go together beautifully. Enlightened music has the capacity to manifest the energy of the Spirit, awaken the Kundalini and tune our subtle system back into harmony. By using the notes, ragas and the simple mantra sounds that the Kundalini creates as it journeys through the energy points of our inner system, we can awaken and strengthen our chakras and enhance our experience. Music silences our mind and can easily take us deep into a thoughtless state of meditation.

Music Meditation has been well received in schools, colleges, universities and community groups all over London and the UK at taking complete beginners deep into meditation and relieving them of stress. It also provides an ideal introduction to Indian music and has been very popular with music students.

Music & Meditation in Belfast

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