Natural High – Out of my Head, into my Heart?

Natural High – Out of my Head, into my Heart?

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Balance yourself & achieve a Natural High

Natural High

Out of my Head, into my Heart?

The recent UN World Drug Report released on Wednesday June 26th 2013 in Vienna, Austria shows that new psychoactive substance (NPS) use is growing. Types of NPS have increased by 50% since 2009 with now over 250 legal highs being marketed and trafficked, and available online. You are just one click away from instant gratification.

Here in the UK up to 700,000 18-25 year olds have apparently experimented with the NPS -legal drugs to achieve one of these ‘natural highs’. Yet, beyond that, what exactly is it that they are searching you might wonder.

To get out of their heads?

Escape the everyday?

To go beyond the thinking, worrying, anxious mind?

To experience some relief, joy or even bliss?

Maybe, reach some deeper state within themselves which they sense is there but somehow can’t access.

Well yes, it all sounds reasonable given the pressures of modern living.

The motivations may be as numerous as the 700,000 young people who are on the search. You might say, they are not on the war path, but on the ‘give me a vital experience’ path.

Everyone wants everything now, right now. Instant gratification, but not instant karma, please. Yet as the world is speeding up with all the push button options laid out before us, some suggest, we are just getting started. We are merely at the end of the beginning.

Natural Mystic

It may be that there is a natural mystery within us, whereby we don’t need to use a drug to get that ‘Natural High’ which of course isn’t that organic or natural, is it? But, if there were a way to indeed plug in to ourselves, get connected to a natural high within, a bliss bestowing natural ambrosia, (and we aren’t talking the custard variety here) would that be something of interest? Mythology indicates even the Gods queued up to receive such a secret.

Of course as all this wholesale seeking, searching and experimenting is ongoing, so also the many options and avenues which bubble up to the surface, parading themselves before us, mostly on google. Click and it shall be revealed!

Delivering the Goods

In the midst of all the worlds white noise, there is quite reference to one of the most elusive states known to man, that which is a state beyond the excitements and depressions of the mind, that which is attainable by all, but you cannot pay for it. It is Mother natures Natural Mystic, Mother natures Natural High. Ah, but if it cannot be paid for, who is going to traffic it?

This elusive state is described by the term ‘thoughtless awareness’. But, what is that ? Thoughtless awareness is a state achieved in Sahaja Yoga meditation, where rather then being ‘Out of your head’, one’s conscious attention has broken through and gone beyond that of the head, brain or mind, to a place of mental silence, stillness, depth, awareness, connection and union. Evolution actualised. It is both effortless and spontaneous.

So all the while, instead of getting away from ourselves with mind altering intoxicants, we can finally and for the first time, reach ourselves, get connected, wired up, hooked up, internally through a very subtle, very vital, natural, inbuilt mechanism. Ultimately we may discover it’s more to do with reaching a connection with that elusive stranger in our heart, who should be our closest friend, but who all too often is nothing more then a stranger in our heart. A Natural High occurs when we connect with our Spirit. What’s more as it cannot be paid for – it’s free!

The Weekend is here

Next time you are looking forward to a weekend blow out, an exhilarating good time, getting out of your self, remember that there are a growing number of Londoners, getting into and enjoying a most gentle and elusive state, Monday through Sunday, at will, at no cost, wherever they are, not getting out of their heads, rather, connecting to their hearts, and that my friends is a natural high. To find out more visit us at: Natural – Natural Highs!