The Yoga of Football – One Day Retreat – June 16th 2018

The Yoga of Football – One Day Retreat – June 16th 2018

Sahaja Yoga UK Newsletter : #40

The Yoga of Football?

It will all be kicking off next week and the only question is: Are you kitted up and tuned in or not? Football is a bit like the Marmite question – you either love it or…

The Yoga of Life – June 16th

If you arn’t glued to the World Cup football – join us for this Special One-Day Meditation Retreat which is set for Saturday June 16th where attendees will be immersing themselves in 6 workshops interwoven with time to chat and enjoy the pleasant English countryside and nourishing food on offer. It’s all about deepening our personal experience of the subtle, the spiritual. Already over 70 are registered to attend from all across the UK – and we look forward to seeing even more arrive on the day.

The aim of this going deeper programme is to provide those attending with the opportunity and knowledge to be able to take that next step in their spiritual evolution towards self mastery. The hope is that through attending this programme, all will feel increased desire to maintain meditation on a regular basis at home and go deeper in their connection (yoga).You can read more about it and register here – One Day Retreat

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Free Meditation CartoonWe thought you might enjoy this fun little animation which shows that meditation doesn’t always have to be TOO serious. Enjoy!

That’s it for this issue of the newsletter. As you may know – Sahaja Yoga is provided free of charge supported by a charitable trust. Hope to see you soon!


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One Day Meditation Retreat – June 16th 2018

Click Here to access the booking form and details for the Sahaja Yoga One Day Meditation Retreat.