Best Van Driver in London – November Ad Van – Special Message

Best Van Driver in London – November Ad Van – Special Message

Bus Stop- London Parliament


A foggy day in London Town

A foggy day in London Town – well, we’ve all had those. It’s London after all. London is one of the most diverse and multicultural cities in the world with over 300 languages spoken daily. It also tops the global power city index where London ranks top, with New York City second.


Post Office Tower, London


Furthermore London offers some of the most rewarding Van driving opportunities on the planet. What gives? Well you may be lucky enough to see for yourself, amongst all the famous white vans on the streets of London – November’s special Ad Van.


St Margaret’s, Westminster


Camden High Street, London



November Ad Van

The November special Ad Van is delivering a precious cargo, a spiritual message, a unique invitation as it travels the streets of London.

Tate Britain, Art Gallery, London


On Sunday November 26th 2023 @ 3pm there is an invitation to join with Sahaja Yogi’s as they celebrate the 100th year of Shri Mataji’s birth.


Jazz Cafe Camden, London


Those attending are invited to experience for themselves their own Self-realisation & to indeed, achieve yoga.

Hyde Park, Kensington, London


This is personal development, class 101, a definite item for your bucket list and a great way to prepare for a transformational year ahead in 2024.

West End of London


If all goes well, once Yoga is spontaneously achieved, it follows that one may be able to get into meditation & experience the state known as ‘thoughtless awareness’.

St George & the Dragon, London


This is the state, enjoyed by many daily, where the mental acrobatics cease and the mind falls still.

Trafalger Square @ Nelson’s Column


Switching the mental engine off allows for a daily reset, whereby self healing and balancing outcomes are triggered and accomplished & the inner wellbeing spa nourishes the whole being.


The British Museum, London



Date: 3:00pm – 5:00pm and also 6:30pm- 8:30pm

Sunday November 26th

Venue: Porchester Hall, Porchester Rd, London, W2 5HS

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Westminster Bridge, London


Spontaneous Self-realisation

With Sahaja Yoga we generally sit on chairs to achieve Yoga, effortlessly and spontaneously. Self-realisation occurs when the Kundalini, a dormant feminine energy within us, is awakened.

House of Parliament from Embankment


This energy brings into balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being and makes us more peaceful and joyful.

Approaching Westminster, London


Sahaja Yoga meditation meetings enable you to learn how to achieve, master and maintain this state of being as you go about your daily life and also how to give others the same experience. It’s often likened to the idea of ‘one candle enlightening another’.

Camden Market, London


Shri Mataji, twice nominated for the Nobel Peace prize, worked tirelessly, travelling the world to give to all people, the opportunity to experience their self-realisation.

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Nightime in London