Queen’s speech mentions Meditation – a time to reflect!

Queen’s speech mentions Meditation – a time to reflect!

2013’s Christmas Day address by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II watched by millions throughout the UK and the Worldwide Commonwealth dwelt on the theme of ‘a time for reflection’.

Taking time out to reflect, ponder, take stock, consider and weigh things up, is something that sounds good on paper but often we are out-paced by everyday ‘life events’ and fail to be able to set time aside to do so. Then there is the New Year’s Resolution list too, which we might compile and refer to then put down and forget.

As Queen Elizabeth expressed it in her 2013 Christmas Day speech:  ‘As for all people of faith, reflection, meditation & prayer help us to renew ourselves in God’s love as we strive daily to become better people.’ It may not seem surprising, but it is remarkable that the Queen referred to the term ‘meditation’. Just twenty years ago such a simple thing might have been highly unlikely, yet it indicates how society is evolving it’s capacity to embrace concepts, ideas and practices which have been traditionally less well represented in our “Western” cultures.

With Sahaja Yoga Meditation the door is always open for us to explore the simple questions of ‘how to meditate’ and ‘what is meditation?’


Shri Mataji & Queen Elisabeth II In London

Shri Mataji & Queen Elizabeth II In London

Each week across the UK and the world, thousands of seekers are attracted to attend the always FREE Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes run by volunteers. Many years ago the Queen had occasion to meet Shri Mataji the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, here is one such picture of them meeting.

With Sahaja Yoga Meditation we generally sit on chairs to achieve Yoga, effortlessly & spontaneously. As such no Asanas (exercises) are required, no mat or special clothing is needed. Once Yoga is experienced spontaneously, a state of meditation graces the consciousness and one enters into the 4th state of consciousness – the Turya state. This is the state beyond sleeping, dreaming or waking. It is a state beyond the ever thinking mind. Know as Nirvichara Samadhi the English translation reads as ‘thoughtless awareness’. Yoga is achieved effortlessly through expressing ones ‘pure desire’ to receive one’s Self Realisation or Yoga.

In Newbury in England back on October 31st 1980 Shri Mataji held a public programme whereby she explained the process this way: “Now meditation cannot be taught. It’s a happening when you are in meditation. You cannot go to a meditation. It is not like a small little house or a temple or a building where you can enter into. It’s a happening. You are pushed into it. You just become in meditation. And this happening takes place only when this Kundalini pierces this fontanel bone area and you get an actual baptism, actual, not artificial. You can see with your naked eyes, the pulsation of this Kundalini, the rising of this Kundalini and also the pulsation on the head here till it stops, then you start feeling the cool breeze coming simultaneously. That should happen to you otherwise don’t believe in any tall stories.”

The fontanel (little fountain in French) bone Shri Mataji refers to is located at the crown (top) of the head, geographically it is the highest point on the human anatomy, fittingly it is positioned above the mental apparatus of the mind. This is a good clue, as meditation is a state achieved beyond the clutches of the ever active thinking mind!

The Kundalini energy, a feminine, Mother energy residing in the sacrum bone at the base of the spine, achieves this awakening or happening effortlessly for us, subject to our desire to experience this higher state of consciousness, the Turya state of ‘thoughtless awareness’.

You are welcome to join us anytime in 2016 as we gather to achieve Yoga and enjoy thje state of meditation.

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