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Regular practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation awakens the unlimited creative potential of the second chakra known as the Swadhishthana. It is through the power of enlightened creativity that Einstein intuited the equation E=mc2, that the ancient sages and prophets gained their visionary insights and is the living power that inspired the great artists to create their timeless works.

International Youth Congress 2005.


Meditation and music go together beautifully. Enlightened music has the capacity to manifest the energy of the Spirit, awaken the Kundalini and tune our subtle system back into harmony. By using the notes, ragas and the simple mantra sounds that the Kundalini creates as it journeys through the energy points of our inner system, we can awaken and strengthen our chakras and enhance our experience. Music silences our mind and can easily take us deep into a thoughtless state of meditation.

Music Meditation has been very effective in schools, colleges, universities and community groups all over London and the UK at taking complete beginners deep into meditation and relieving them of stress. It also provides an ideal introduction to Indian music and has been very popular with music students.

Music is not only gentle and meditative. It can be inspirational, powerful and upbeat. The international fusion group Indialucia tours the world with its unique blend of Indian classical and flamenco music.


Indialucia at the Lyttleton Theatre Foyer in London

The world-music fusion Sahaj Group has performed all over the world giving concerts invoking the spiritual music of Southern Asia with their own style of fusion with traditional Indian bhajans, Sanskrit shlokas and Sufi qawalis. Sahaj Group has performed in venues ranging from the Royal Albert Hall and Edinburgh Mela (where they played to a capacity crowd of 70,000), to festivals in India and tours of Ireland, Morocco, Kenya and Ghana.

Among the pop scene the Latin-beat band Casabella is thrilling audiences all over London and Italy with its upbeat style of catchy original songs.
Also jazz-cabaret artiste Vimala recently won the coveted Indy music award for best Solo Female Artist.



Theatre of Eternal Values – William Blake’s – Divine Humanity

Theatre of Eternal Values is an international theatre company inspired by the work and vision of Shri Mataji, with a passionate belief in the power of theatrical performance to heighten self-awareness and inspire positive change in individuals, groups, communities and organizations.

In November 2007 TEV’s multi-media drama “William Blake’s Divine Humanity” was the flagship production of the Blake 250 Festival in London to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of this great London poet, painter and visionary. Since then, Eternity in an Hour” has received great reviews at the Helsinki Festival, New York International Theatre Festival, National Theatre of Switzerland in Basel and has toured theatres throughout Italy and Switzerland. “Baloopa’s Journey” with its theme of cultural integration and understanding successfully toured London schools part funded by the Arts Council of London.

TEV runs theatre workshops for schools and the wider community offering a chance to develop confidence, communication skills and creative expression. TEV also facilitates corporate training and role-playing, bringing enlightened theatre skills to the workplace.

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