Joy of Yoga @ Hampstead Summer Festival, North London



Come and join us at the Sahaja Yoga stand at this years Hampstead Summer Festival on Heath Street in Hampstead.

Hampstead Summer Festival – mini movie

It will hopefully be on a sunny summers day – Sunday June 24th – 10.30am-5.00pm. What better way to enjoy yourself then by paying attention to yourself, your inner self, and nourishing the deepest parts of your being. Of course it is hoped that summer will have finally arrived by then and the rain storms will have evaporated. According to the festival programme – blog you can even go and watch a movie, The King’s Speech for Free at Everyman Cinema – first come first served, it says! Look forward to seeing you there! Hampstead Summer Festival – find out more

Sahaja Yoga volunteers will be on hand to guide you in achieving your Self Realisation on the day.  The purpose of the stand is to help visitors experience their kundalini awakening and launching into an enjoyable state of meditation characterised by inner mental silence, known as ‘thoughtless awareness’. Taking a moment to rest the mental engine, brings nourishing relaxation to the entire being. Come and try it for yourself 

Sahaja Yoga classes are always free. Volunteers seek to pass on this beneficial experience to others, at community events and regular weekly classes across London and the South East. You can join a class in any of the following

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Look forward to seeing you there! Hampstead Summer Festival – find out more