Seekers of ancient times: Cross the Ocean of Illusion in Ealing


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This week’s meeting (7-June) is on the first Thursday of the month, which means we shall be having an extended session – we shall have half an hour extra. As always, the basics of meditation shall be covered first – including the experience itself – so that people coming for the first time can start meditating at home straight away. We will then follow with a special presentation, which shall focus on the part of our subtle system called ‘the Void’.

In the video below (filmed in 1982 in Derby), Shri Mataji speaks about our subtle system, starting from the first chakra and covering up to the Void, also known as ‘the Ocean of Illusion’.

Seekers of truth – they are the people who feel within that they have not yet found their true meaning, the purpose of their life, that there has to be something higher. Shri Mataji begins by stating that it is in these modern times that the greatest number of seekers are to be found. And these are seekers of a very high quality – not just of today, but of thousands of years…

Ocean of Illusion – the Void – by Shri Mataji

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