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What is Sahaja Yoga Meditation?

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True meditation is a state of deep peace where the mind is absolutely calm and silent, yet completely alert – a state of being known as ‘thoughtless awareness’. Throughout history, mystics, saints and prophets have spoken of this experience. They removed themselves from society, sought ways to cleanse themselves of human ...

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New Years Resolutions – 2015

Remember those New Year Resolutions you made a list of ….. last December…maybe….or perhaps just after Hogmanay? Learn to meditate? Set aside some daily quite time to take stock of everything? Achieve Yoga! Get into balance? Be more! Contemplate the universe….? Well it’s never too soon – to get a jump start ...

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Learn to Meditate in Bristol & Bath

Learn to Meditate this Week! The first experience of Sahaja Yoga meditation is called Self Realisation. With Sahaja Yoga Meditation we generally sit on chairs to achieve Yoga, effortlessly & spontaneously. As such no Asanas (exercises) are required, no mat or special clothing.  What is Meditation? Meditation is a state of mental ...

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Meditation and Health

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One of the most interesting aspects of Sahaja Yoga Meditation is the improvement of our health in a spontaneous way. After the first meditation you can experience a general sense of relaxation and a reduction of your thinking activity; this is because this meditation has a direct effect on our autonomous nervous system, by helping it to get ...

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