Free Meditation & Yoga Leeds

Free Meditation & Yoga Leeds

Meditation in Leeds

You are invited to join Andy & team who are hosting free sessions to explore and enjoy the experience of Self Realisation and the depth of meditation which you can enjoy once you have achieved Yoga.

This should all happen on your first visit and continue to deepen as you establish yourself in this new state of awareness.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation

It’s simply natural, spontaneous, effortless. You can practice it  everywhere and what’s more – it’s free!

We offer free classes in Leeds throughout the year – please see our Leeds Meet Up Page

Pop along to the Free Meditation & Yoga Meet Up Page 


Some of the topics covered in this instructive and practical course include: mental silence through meditation, healing and revitalising the physical and subtle body, getting in touch with the inner creative spirit, healing through water therapy, detoxification using natural energies and the elements, Kundalini awakening, achieving the yin-yang balance, restorative transformation, evolving in a holistic manner.

Women Meditates in Office

Meditation at Break Time

Meditation at break time

In an effortless manner, anyone of any age and of any state of health and fitness can effortlessly achieve a profound transformation and revitalisation through the power of Sahaja Yoga Meditation.  Natural and easy, the Sahaja Yoga method of meditation and associated techniques and methodologies have been thoroughly researched and studied for the last thirty years, and are regularly practiced in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Come and participate, and benefit for free.  Everybody is welcome!  Classes are always free – Sahaja Yoga is a registered charity in the UK. In a few brief weeks you could master these techniques, and discover your real self, and full potential.

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Beneficial and instructive for beginners and regulars alike. Attending the course is highly recommended. If you are not able to attend every class, you are quite welcome to attend those you can.