Medical Research into Benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Special Free Event

Medical Research into Benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Special Free Event

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Medical Research into Benefits of Meditation

When: Thursday, the 1st of August, from 7:30 pm  – 10 pm*

Where: *Ealing** Town Hall*, New Broadway, Ealing, W5 2BY

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The live presentation is by *Dr Katya Rubia*, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, and regular practitioner of Sahaja Yoga meditation.

This *free event* includes the usual programme of self-realisation for people new to Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji’s lecture, a collective meditation,  and refreshments at the end.

*Subject Matter of the Presentation:*

The presentation will review the published research findings of over 20 years of research into Sahaja Yoga Meditation, collected from different countries of the world.

The presentation will review the effects of Sahaja Yoga Meditation on bodily measures of stress, on the brain, and on mental and physical health in normal people and in people with physical or mental disorders.

Research on bodily functions shows that Sahaja Yoga Meditation reduces physiological measures of stress and activates the parasympathetic nervous system that relaxes and restores body functions. Research on the brain shows that Sahaja Yoga Meditation in fact leads to a different brain state in that it activates areas in the brain that are important for deep 
concentration and positive emotions, thus leading to this subjective state of thoughtless awareness and joy that people experience in Meditation (Sat-Chit-Ananda in Sanskrit).

Thoughtless awareness also releases happy chemicals in the brain such as beta-endorphins that are released during 
positive emotions and strengthen the immune system.

Studies from Australia in over 400 meditators have shown that the state of thoughtless awareness that is achieved regularly in long-term meditators is associated with better mental and physical health relative to the general Australian population, thus preventing illness. These positive effects on the body and the brain can explain why other research has shown that Sahaja 
Yoga Meditation is very effective as a cure for many disorders, ranging from physical problems such as epilepsy, asthma, menopause and work stress to mental disorders such as depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), drug abuse, and others.

All in all, the research conducted on Sahaja Yoga Meditation has shown that this meditation technique has very positive effects on the body, the brain and the psyche that are not just subjective but can be measured and demonstrated objectively.

Pop along, All welcome

Enquiries: Luis:    02035243546; or 07958 799 208


Free Meditation London - Ealing, west London

Free Meditation London – Ealing, west London