Achieve Yoga & Learn to Meditate for Free in Anerley, SE20

* Please note that as of August-2015 the regular free meetings in Anerley have been discontinued *

Please check out our map of free weekly meditation classes in and around London. You are likely to find a meeting close to where you live or work:

Anerley Town Hall - Thurdsdays @ 7.30pm

Discover the deeper meaning of your life by connecting to the power that created you. Would you like to find out more about yourself? Enjoy a tangible experience of your inner being through Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation can help you….

  • Achieve Yoga
  • Achieve mental stillness
  • Carry out self-diagnosis
  • Find peace and joy
  • Improve balance and stability

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a unique form of meditation that helps you discover and develop your inner potential. It can help you to achieve emotional and mental well-being and experience the depth of your spiritual Self.

If you live in South London and are looking for action in the evening, why not come and join us at Anerley Town Hall on a Thursday evening at 7.30pm.

For the last 12 years there has been opportunity to get into one of the most elusive states known to man – the state of ‘thoughtless awareness’. But what is that?’ Thoughtless awareness’ is the first step into meditation.

To become ‘thoughtlessly aware’ appears to be one of the most difficult things to achieve. Sahaja Yoga is a simple method which takes you on a gentle journey of true meditation and self discovery. You can learn about this in your own time and pace. Feel free to join us any time.

It’s very simple and yet extremely beneficial. “You can not understand the meaning of your life unless you are connected to the power which created you.” Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Welcome to Sahaja Yoga Meditation at Anerley Town Hall. The location benefits of easy access by public transportation with Anerley station just across the road, a bus stop on the doorstep and free parking. As with all Sahaja Yoga meetings you can join us at any time and any stage of life. We will always accommodate newcomers and make them feel comfortable.



If you have any further questions you can contact us on 07817 625 927 or send an email to:


As always, our meetings are free of charge but we do appreciate donations towards our expenditure like hall hire and printed materials.

Here is some feedback from a couple of people who have attended this meeting: “I’m calmer, clearer thoughts, less depressed and more confident.”

” I am recovering from alcoholism and I have been helped by Sahaja Yoga meditation in a phenomenal way.”

“I feel a lot calmer, more relaxed, less anger, much less worry and able to stay in the present a lot more.”

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