Achieve Yoga & Learn to Meditate for Free in Harrow, HA1

Achieve Yoga & Learn to Meditate for Free in Harrow in 2019

When: Join us every Thursday@ 7.30pm  in Harrow –

Harrow College, Lowlands Road (Sports Hall – Room BO56)
Harrow, United Kingdom HA1 3AQ
The meeting will be held in the sports hall which is at the back of the college. People can enter through reception where security will let you through the barriers if you tell them you are here for the meditation. You can then follow the signs to get to Room B056. – If you are lost, go back to reception or ring 07758 004 140.

Phone Number Priya: 07758 004 140

You can see the Meet Up Page for meeting details:

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Harrow’s town name comes from the Old English hearg which means – “temple”. Here in the 21st century something magical is indeed happening in Harrow town. Something quite unique and special unfolds every Tuesday evening, awakening in those who attend, the temple within.

But how so you may ask? Well you are welcome to come and join us for an evening in which we can show you how to unlock the power of meditation. It all begins with an experience called ‘Self-Realisation’. You can attain this very easily during the course of the evening programme. Most people will experience feelings of calmness, relaxation and focus. The ultimate indicator of being in this enlightened state is the sensation of a cool breeze coming from the palms of your hands or the crown of your head. These are only just some of the immediate and short-term benefits.

We can show you how it is possible to integrate meditation into your daily life. Once you’ve got your Self-realisation, you can take the experience home with you. Your home work becomes your inner joy!

It’s enjoyable and blissful. It is the experience of ‘thoughtless awareness’ which gives you clarity. Through regular practice you can often find your deepest questions answered spontaneously. The direction of your life gets clearer and most importantly you achieve satisfaction with who you are.

You will experience truth for what it is not what your mind tells you….. what it thinks it is. Over many years we have understood that absolute truth cannot be determined through our own mind and intellect. The only way to witness it is through being in a state of ‘thoughtless awareness’ As Socrates said: Know Thy self!

Our weekly programme takes place on Tuesday evenings starting at 7.45pm. Sahaja Yoga meetings are always free of charge.

How to find us

The address of the meeting is Harrow College (Harrow-on-the-hill Campus)
Lowlands Road, HA1 3AQ · Harrow

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